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Our Leadership



COR Church was born out of a tapestry, woven together by distinct, yet like-minded ideals and hearts. COR Church is the result of lifetimes of experiences, both within and without the body of Christ—seeking to raise a community built on the twin pillars of grace and faith. We’re made up of individuals and families committed to the central, simple truth of by grace alone we are what we are. God’s grace descending on our lives is the wellspring of our identity and we desire nothing more than to help one another become what God has created us to be.


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Since being introduced to church in his teens, church has always been an important part of his life. It hasn’t always been easy—there have been both valleys and zeniths. But through it all, one constant always ensured, which was that Pastor James never wavered too farbecause of the grace of God. Despite all the struggles, God’s grace was constantly made evident in his life even in ways he didn’t expect.

Educated at Dallas Theological Seminary, Pastor James has served in ministry nearly 20 years. As the pastor of COR Church, he has embraced the bi-vocational model of ministry that Paul espoused. His duties and responsibilities in ministry are balanced with his duties and responsibilities as a practicing attorney.

One fun fact about Pastor James…his favorite color is lavender.